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Worldwide Consumer Electronics Market (2006)

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Published: Mar, 2006
Pages: 65
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The consumer electronics industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the past few years. This growth can be attributed to the increasing effect of state of the art electronic devices on the market. The consumer electronics industry is ushering in the dawn of Convergence. It is the confluence and merging of hitherto separated markets of digital-based audio, video and information technology, removing entry barriers across the market and industry boundaries. This convergence of technologies has resulted in a greater demand for consumer devices, be they portable, in-home (mobile phones, digital camera) or in-car (CD/DVD players), offering multiple functions.

The revolution brought about by Digital technology has enabled the consumer electronics sector to profit from the growing interaction of digital applications such as: camcorders, DVD player/recorder, still camera, computer monitor, LCD TV etc. It has also witnessed the emergence of mobile telecommunications technology, incorporating both digital visual and digital MP3 capabilities. The computer industry has also benefited by being able to make its way into consumer's living rooms. HDTV’s with VGA connections and SD/MMC card slots, personal media players, and Microsoft-based Media Center PCs have pushed the two industries even closer together than before.

The overall revenue earned through the sale of audio, video and gaming consoles constitutes the international consumer electronics market. The global sale of consumer electronics is estimated to exceed all expectations to touch an all time high of $135.4 billion in 2006, which indicates 8% increase from 2005. By the year 2008, sales are forecasted to soar up to $158.4 billion, up BY 65% over 2000.

The Asia Pacific region is the market leader wielding the biggest chunk of the market, closely followed by Europe. The European market share is expected to take a drubbing due to the growing demand for consumer durables in the Asia Pacific consumer electronic market. 

Japanese companies have captured the consumer electronics market. World famous brands such as Sony, Panasonic and Matsushita are all owned by these Japanese manufacturers. Korean companies such as Samsung and LG are all trying to join the Japanese bandwagon. Samsung can claim to be the world’s fastest growing electronic company.

The market research report by RNCOS discusses condition of the consumer electronics industry globally and the scope for companies in this sector based on official statistics. We have tried to answer cardinal questions such as:

 -  Which are the countries influencing the consumer electronic industry?
 -  What is the worldwide magnitude of the consumer electronics industry, along with regional segregation?
 -  What and where are the growth prospects and issues related to the industry?
 -  What are the factors driving growth in this sector?
 -  Who are the major global players, their presence and strategies being used by them to improve profitability?

We have tried our best to answer these questions through the RNCOS industry information service on consumer electronics. Our review of the consumer electronics industry is a valuable tool that can be used for arriving at correct business decisions and performance appraisal


 -  Consumer electronics industry: overview, market size and growth.
 -  Covers the global market including the U.S., European, and Asia-Pacific nations.
 -  The value and volume of the market size is discussed in detail.
 -  Analysis of the industry's future and its prospects.
 -  Covers the current trends and market scenario in Europe, U.S., Japan, China, Asia-Pacific and other countries in detail.
 -  Various technologies being used in the industry and its benefits.
 -  In-depth product wise analysis of sales trends in the consumer electronic goods market
 -  Company analysis of top global companies and their growth strategies.


The report gives an in-depth coverage of global consumer electronics market. Chapter 2 provides with an outlook of global consumer electronics market. Chapter 3 discusses market trends in consumer Electronics. Chapters 4 & 5 focus on the market segmentation by region & by products respectively. Chapter 6 provides upcoming opportunities in the electronic market. Chapter 7 throws light on the recent news & developments of the market. Finally, Chapter 8 provides the company profiles of key players.


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